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Thursday, 18-Oct-2012 02:57 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Shuangluan: Police uncovered more than 50 cases of theft heating

Wall network Chengde, October 15, 2012 October 15, (SunZhanJun Yagi school) reporter from Shuangluan Public Security Bureau was informed before the council after careful investigation, relying on the combination of information technology and Dunshou way, success will be crazy theft district heating valve captured the suspect Xu, the detection of a series of thefts heating valves case more than 50 since 2300,solar charge controller
recovery of stolen heating valve to get the incident residential property and the majority of residents applaud.

Recently, with the city's weather starting to turn cold, part of the district heating pipeline has begun to water injection, and get well prepared for the upcoming heating. However, Shuangluan Baoding Garden residential property are faced with the thorny issue of heating. Recently, residential property found, the district of Building 12, Building 14, Building 15, Building 16, Building 17 corridor within the heating valve stolen 2000 loss of 10 million yuan, more than 500 households heating will be affected, the district residents have reacted strongly.

Receiving the report, the Shuangluan Bureau party attaches great importance to the Branch of the principal leaders of seeking criminal investigation departments to be centralized police force, strong tackling, to solve the case quickly, to ensure that the 500 residents of the normal heating. Interpol brigade dispatched elite police stationed cell, Mopai visits, find clues, and strive to early detection.

September 29, police in the inspection of residential entrance surveillance video to get an important clue: before the incident,solar panel
often a red motorcycle laden with a white woven items out from the cell, but enters the cell does not carry motorcycle items, move immediately aroused the vigilance of the police. Police immediately print pictures of the motorcycle and rider man in the district organizations to identify, but no one was aware of the man, police determined that the man has a major crime suspects. Branch on the one hand deployed police quickly arrested the suspect, in the case of high site Dunshou, on the one hand, hand drawn sits the control room, close surveillance of the motorcycle and the man. Noon on Oct. 8, the control room police found the man riding a motorcycle again enter Baoding Garden District, when the men theft in Building 15, the heating valve is Dunshou the police successfully arrested.

Under questioning, the man named Xu install solar plumber Xu confessed convenience use of a cell install solar, preparation of container for heating and water supply valve keys, the convenience of senior households in the elevator does not go to the stairs during the day The facts of the crime of theft of household heating valves in the corridor. Account since August of this year, China has in Shuangluan Baoding Garden District, Wan and city district crazy theft heating valve from more than 50 the after valve scrap metal to be sold,solar cell
profit more than 10,000 yuan of the facts of the crime.

At present, Xu has been under criminal detention, the case is under further investigation

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Overcapacity solar spot market trading was light

Smooth PVTaiwan2012 end on October 5, According to research coordinating body EnergyTrend said, in the performance of the spot market, China the eleven holidays Fu end, together with the Taiwan exhibition just ended, the market trading is very light, it is understood that the spot market this week The majority asked related products offer only very small, but the number of completed transactions, related industry has been temporarily stop the purchase of materials,solar cell waiting to see the late evolution of the market in mid-October and then decided to follow layout, little change in prices of related products.

EnergyTrend said that the solar energy industry in trade protection, excessive competition and the global economic downturn is still the greatest challenge currently facing. On the other hand, the module prices continued to fall and though in parts of city power parity had arrived early, but the bleed output is not conducive to the future development of industry.

EnergyTrend said, global demand for solar still grown, currently the main problem still is the capacity surplus, especially invalid capacity part, therefore how to let invalid production can exit the market then is the current industrial development of important issues, if the industry continued pursuit of high-efficiency low-cost will can be accelerated Invalid capacity exit.

EnergyTrend said, on past experience, high efficiency and low cost entrenched in different market segments, industry acceptable use of efficient products offer higher than the market mainstream, but recent developments have shown that the industry is also required in the pursuit of low-cost the product efficiency continues to evolve, so in this exhibition, the wafer battery industry invariably the launch of a new generation of high-efficiency products and excellent cost control, and makes the levelized electricity (LCOE) performance is more prominent.

Polysilicon average price this week is still Narrow consolidation, the price came to $ 18.71/kg, down 0.11%; in polysilicon wafers, due to the holiday with the capacity to adjust the relationship this week, the average price of polysilicon wafers came to $ 0.945/piece , was down 0.84%.

Cells and modules, this week, the average price of the battery decline,solar panel the price came to $ 0.371/watt, down 1.33%; the module, the market came the part of the industry received orders in North America, the market is waiting to see the follow-up development, this week, the price of maintaining not change for $ 0.67/watt
Industrial leap since 2007, the aftermath of the solar water heater industry is more prominent in the background of deteriorating economic environment, which may be brewing again large-scale reshuffle of the industry. In the just ended fifth Chinese Solar CEO Forum, which become the consensus of many people in the industry participants.

Competitive bidding force
In 2012, for the solar thermal industry, really can be described as troubled times. On the one hand, the macroeconomic continued downward triggered domestic cold case, a large number of enterprises struggling to survive. The United States and Europe, on the other hand, the economic crisis continue to simmer resulting foreign trade protectionism is on the rise, markets are weak foreign demand. Occasion of External and internal solar companies want to be weak. Confined to the shackles of capital and technology, enterprises can only turn picked up price war Zhebing double-edged sword, naked melee public counterparts.
Such Yinzhenzhike move the entire industry will no doubt be led astray, and gave birth to many other industries chaos: as cheap due to cut corners triggering stent the collapse safety incidents has frequently hit the newspapers. There are some, although not yet lead to accidents, but some industry insiders the mouth exposed, is very frightening. Electric pipe installation lack 3C certification can easily lead to leakage.
The CEO Forum, the Secretary-General of the National Standardization Technical Committee Jia Tieying am when it comes to this kind of problem unfortunately, he believes the solar thermal industry concentration is low - a lot of the lack of qualified enterprises were removed during and the proliferation of homogeneous competition, these objectively impede technological upgrade of the industry, the breeding ground for the industry as a whole inert. He believes that the current bottleneck in the development of the solar thermal companies continue to rely on technological innovation and enterprise restructuring to break as soon as possible to become bigger and stronger companies can only get rid of the embarrassing situation of competition from cheap and do a white power inverter industry, as exemplified by Fan explained. As a sunrise industry, solar energy has long been Europe and the United States and other countries as a strategic emerging industries, it was reported in Japan and Germany, silicon-based solar industry has begun to take shape. A long time, China's industrial development is subject to the monopoly of foreign technology, high value-added products, the lack of market competitiveness.

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Solvent mixture to affect the structure of the organic solar cel

Control the mixing between the acceptor layer and the donor layer, or between the solar cell field, in the polymer solar cell
can improve the efficiency of the battery. This result was found by the research team from North Carolina State University physicist, their findings clarify the inner workings of these solar cells, and can lead to future efficiency.

Polymer solar cell includes two domain (s), generally referred to as the acceptor layer and the donor layer. Energy particles - excitons generated by the solar cell, in order to be used as the energy source can be quickly moved to the interface of the domain of the acceptor and donor. Researchers believe that, as far as possible to maintain the purity of the donor and acceptor layer, is to ensure that the exciton can unimpeded movement of the best way, this can capture the energy of the maximum number of the solar cell.

North Carolina State University physicist Harald Ade and his group joint research team from the United Kingdom, Australia and China, to jointly test their physical structure, and improve the production of polymer solar cells. Published in Advanced Energy Materials and Advanced Materials two separate paper, the researchers show some hybrid of the two domains may not be a bad thing. In fact, if the shape or structure of such a hybrid domain is small, the solar charge controller
is still quite efficient.

Ade said, "We have found that before these solar cells, the domain is not pure, so we went to observe the additive is how to influence the production of these batteries when you produce the battery, the relative rate of evaporation of the solvent and additives decided the active layer is formed, and the donor layer and the receptor layer mixing. Ideally, you want the solvent was evaporated to give a slow enough, so that the material have enough time to separate - otherwise layer chaos, and reduces the efficiency of the battery. we took advantage of a slow evaporation of additives which control the mixing and the domain size of the active layer, and the mixed portion is small. "

"The efficiency of the mixed layer is excellent, which allows us to speculate: as long as the domain is small, the donor and acceptor mixed not a problem."

"We are looking for the best mix point, solvents and additives used in the production of polymer solar panel
, in accordance with the physical mixing of the domain, and how we can affect the efficiency." Ade adds.

The research project was funded by the U.S. Department of Energy. Ade paper is published in Advanced Energy Materials Corresponding author, other authors include postdoctoral Brian Collins, John Tumbleston and graduate Eliot Gann. Li Zhe (phonetic), the University of Cambridge and Dr. Monash University, Australia christopher McNeill also make a contribution. Ade is also the author of a paper published in Advanced Materials Other co-authors include the Ade postdoctoral Ma Wei (phonetic), Professor Hou Jianhui, Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing.

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The GCL denied Foxconn together to build large-scale solar power

Taiwan media reports yesterday, GCL (3800) to implement the sister company of Foxconn (2038) Foxconn Precision jointly build giant solar power plant in the mainland of China, the news of two shares yesterday rose 9% and 6%,grid tie inverter
butthe GCL spokesman told reporters that at this stage of the project is only Poly unilateral, not yet identified with the which company, the Foxconn Group may not be the final choice.

As early as next year, the second quarter to build

Earlier GCL involved in solar exhibition, Shu Hua, president of the Group to the media, said in Datong, Shanxi, the initial size of up to 310 megawatts of large-scale solar power plants in early September to get government approvals, expected in the fourth quarter of this year, preliminary start the second quarter of next year to start construction.

Sheng Chuanfu recreational group had with the GCL will jointly develop the project by Foxconn Group is responsible for the supply of solar cells, widely reported by Taiwan media, the cooperation of the two companies has been confirmed.

The news that two shares speculation since GCL yesterday rose 8.62%, to close at 1.26 yuan turnover greatly increased more than doubled, to $ 297 million. Foxconn International has nothing to do with the solar panel
energy business also rose 5.88%, to close at 2.7 yuan, 45 million yuan of turnover.

However, GCL's publicist told reporters that GCL has not yet confirmed which company to build the power station, one of the partner Foxconn Group just envisaged, even in the supply of solar cells, the company is not necessarily provided by Foxconn .

She also pointed out that, at this stage GCL will be solely for investment and construction projects, no specific capital expenditure budget, in terms of the cost per watt is about 10 yuan power inverter
plant total investment reached 31 billion yuan.

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Space of political consultations

Anti-dumping investigation into the proceedings, the center of gravity of the two sides wrestle between enterprises immediately upgrade to the Intergovernmental - initiative transfer case this has been the situation secretive trade war more prospects hangs in the balance.

Chinese enterprises to "anti-dumping" investigation procedure under EU anti-dumping cases,power inverter
to determine also need to meet the three conditions, three conditions become the key to success in China at the moment.

First of all, the EU is to judge whether there is dumping of Chinese enterprises; Secondly, the existence of dumping, but between the industry and the EU impaired that there is no causal relationship, or industry damaged not because of the dumping of Chinese enterprises, enterprises can be exempted from punishment; Finally, even if the dumping of Chinese enterprises is indeed cause damage to each other industry, causing greater loss but if you punish Chinese companies interested in the interests of the EU as a whole, the EU will vote to reconsider.

"We must meet these three theses last before the implementation of the anti-dumping measures in the EU." Yingli Group, Special Assistant to President Chen Zhuo told the Southern Weekend reporter said, "The key to the case in the second and third points."

Clearly, the EU "syllogism" designed for political consultations set aside a larger space.

Second point also failed, only the third point to lobby for vote and work hard. But this is quite difficult because of the EU member states to vote to take the "reverse consensus" rule, abstention is considered consent, only against it in order to help China.

"Therefore, we must strive to half of the negative vote, but not half of the number of countries, which is half the weight, because the EU has just decided not to adopt the rules of one country, one vote, but weighted according to the population of the country, the economic and social level PV industry informed sources.

Counteract negotiations

"At present, the key to solve the problem is the government, but our Government will not know what card to play, what brand is willing to fight for this industry." Frankly executives of a PV companies in charge of the case to the Southern Weekend reporter.

In August 2012 the leaders of the four solar giant talks with Minister of Commerce Chen Deming,grid tie inverter
someone mentioned the proposed counter means Europe's Airbus, machinery manufacturing industry or the auto industry, and other core industries.

"The anti-dumping cases are generally not alarmed so many high-rise from the current view, China's stance at the political level has already been done." The researcher at the Institute of Foreign Trade Research Department of the Ministry of Commerce Hanxiu Shen told the Southern Weekend reporter said.

In general, the anti-dumping investigation, the Chinese side through industry associations and government organizations to coordinate and propose appropriate counter-measures, are "routine action" response of anti-dumping cases, the direction of the final results, the Department of the judgment of the senior.

It seems in the industry, now the most realistic "counter measures is the Ministry of Commerce decided polysilicon products on the EU to implement the" double reverse "(countervailing and anti-dumping) survey application formally opened.

Last month, four large polysilicon enterprises submitted applications for the above investigation, but the Ministry of Commerce has yet to be decided whether the filing. Upstream raw material polysilicon as a solar cell modules, the Commerce Department decided polysilicon double reverse "counter the EU, bound to cause damage to the the downstream battery components business interests, the move has been in the industry called" Kill one hundred from the to hurt three thousand ". To this end, the downstream enterprises have repeatedly expressed to the Ministry of Commerce objections.

"How to counter-measures are not so simple and crude, the focus of the next step rational settlement of disputes." Who participated in the defense lawyer said.

According to the Southern Weekend reporter learned the various solutions circulating in the industry. "The two sides reached on a number of industry package agreement".

However, the current government and industry are interested in solutions, and between the EU industry to reach a limit Agreement or to limit the volume of Agreement commitment exports to the EU in the next period of time that Chinese enterprises PV products is not lower than a constraint price or no more than a total shipments.

"Price given how, depends entirely on the Chinese side of the industry-wide negotiations and consensus, a solar panel
company executives told the Southern Weekend reporter said.

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